Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moms Crafts 4 U: Mama Cloths

Moms Crafts 4 U has a great shop full of many different items! Not only does she offer Mama Cloths, but she also has Wet Bags, Nursing Pads, Keypers, Cloth Sandwich Bags, and Fingerless gloves! he material used are very cute and the craftsmanship is fantastic!

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Onto the review!

Moms Crafts $ U sent me 4 of her pads. The specs are:
 1- 8" Organic Bamboo Topped Regular Flow Mama Cloth
1- 10" Cotton Topped Regular Flow Mama Cloth
1- 10" Organic Bamboo Topped Heavy Flow Mama Cloth
1- 12" Organic Bamboo Topped Heavy Flow Mama Cloth

8" Pad PROS:

  •  I liked that it has a #2 tag on it so I knew it was for a regular flow. This really takes the guess work out of what flow the pad was rated for.
  • No leakage! I wore it on a regular flow day and had zero problems.
  • No moist feeling. This pad absorbed very well.
8"Pad CONS:
  • I personally like a longer pad. This pad did NOT leak but I did like the longer ones better.
  • There was slight staining n this pad. It was awful and a second wash with peroxide handled the problem.

10" Regular Flow PROS

  • Loved the number 2 on the pad to let me know what flow it was rated for.
  • I really like the length of this pad.Not long and not to short. I feel like Goldie ox when I say it was just right!
  • I felt very protected with this pad. Zero leakage!!
10" Regular Flow CONS
  • I wish the pads also had a tag that stated where they came from. as my stash continues to grow I don't want to forget where I got them from in case I wish to order more
10" Heavy Flow PROS:

  • Nice and thin for a heavy flow pad. No bulky or moist feeling which was nice.
  • Very absorbent! Even though it was thin it still did the job.
  • I liked that this pad was a little wider. It gave better coverage.
  • I like that it had a number 3 of it to tell me it was for heavy flow!
10" Heavy Flow CONS:
  • None really. If it had tags saying where it came from it would be the perfect heavy flow pad.

12" Heavy Flow pad PROS

  • PERFECT nighttime pad! It was long enough to provide the coverage needed. No leaking through the night. I slept well and wasn't concerned about accidents.
  • Very comfortable for sleeping in. I didn't feel like I had to shift it around. It just fit nicely and stayed put.
  • Very thin yet super absorbent! Couldn't ask for more :)
12" Heavy Flow Pad CONS
  • I had slight staining with the nighttime pad. Not too bad though.

I would recommend heading over to Moms Crafts 4 U and checking out all she has to offer! This is one shop that you don't want to miss out on!

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